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The Cutculator was created by hair care professionals to ease the pressure of scheduling appointments and finding competent barbers and stylist. The Cutculator will also aid barbers and stylist in their daily operations such as: keeping records of clients and their services, tracking and storing of daily finace and text messaging instant daily discounts just to name a few.

We ultimately wanted to improve on the experience of finding, visiting and waiting in beauty salons and barbershops around the world. The Cutculator website and mobile apps were made so that a potential client can book themselves in real time on a barber's or stylist schedule.

For clients new to an area in search of a trusted barber or stylist, the Cutculator will come as a great help. ALL you have to do is download our free client app and instantly locate any and all barbers and stylist who are registered within our Cutculator mapping system. Press on one of the bubbles and you can instantly view who the provider is, what they specialize in and how they can be of services to you. This wonderful feature not only allows you to find an appropriate hair care provider, but it can automatically guide you to them by way of GPS.